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Proposal for transformation energy market toward renewables

Ing. Tomáš Malatinský
The Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic
Košice, 12th March 2013


Dean Minister,


            The Centre for Research on Economics of Renewable Energy Sources and Distribution Systems in Košice was established in Košice in 2008 on the initiative of Ing. Maroš Kondrót. It was founded by three Slovak universities and the Honors, The results of several years’ activity of this association are the elaboration and experimental testing of the model of the transformation of energy market in the horizon of 40 years, combined with experimental realisation of the transformation of a building into a building with almost zero energy needs. The nature of the proposed model of the transformation of the energy market lies in the adaptation mechanism, where the selection of the amount of individual social costs on CO2 emissions and the amount of “green bonus” is used to control the pace of the transformation with the regard to possibilities of the Slovak Republic and commitments within the European Union. We consider this model suitable for the trade with the heat. It can be used for the electricity market after the analysis and modification. It solves the issue of the access of local energy sources on the market through the distributional energy networks and thus it creates the assumptions for the solution of energy transformation of buildings.


In the annex we submit the material called “The transformation of energy market and buildings using renewable energy sources” containing the proposed model of the transformation of energy market together with the letter sent to the Vice Chairman of the National Council for Economic Affairs, Ing. Maroš Kondrót. We consider the submitted material a relevant background and a contribution to the processing of new energy conception of the Slovak Republic. The material contains the solutions that represent a radical change in the principle of economic stimulation of energy market that primarily lies in cooperative-competitive relations, in creation of the competition among the investors with the aim of reduction of the costs and consumer prices. At the same time we realize that the implementation of the proposed solutions requires substantial legislative actions that would regulate the issue of functioning of energy market in the Slovak Republic. Our association is ready to provide the processing of these legislative changes into the form of a corresponding proposal of legislative intent in accordance with the attached draft contract.   


Dear Minister,

            we believe that the submitted material can significantly contribute to the transformation towards the sustainable society that uses the renewable energy sources within the lowest social costs.


Best regards,


                                                                                              Ing. Dušan Lukášik, CSc.

                                                                                              Member of the Board



1.      The transformation of the energy market and buildings using renewable energy sources.

2.      The copy of the letter for the Vice Chairman of the National Council for Economic Affairs