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About us

Presented articles describe results of various fields. A common integrating idea lies in fact that all research is focus to find the sustainable solution of the presented problem, whether it is pension system, energy market or transformation of the building.

It includes social security system with the focus on pension system and transformation of Pay – as – you- go system into Pillar I. and II. solution.

Main of the work in this field has been done together with Ľubo Ružek during years 1999 and 2002.

Experiments regarding transformation of the building towards net zero energy building is a result of cooperation with František Vranay and Ľudovít Tkáčik during years 2006 to 2013. Systemic approach to the transformation has been developed in cooperation with Milan Bielek.

Concept of transformation of the energy market has been developed together with Ľudovít Tkáčik and Ján Ferenci. The presentation on 5th European Innovation Summit Brussels is a result of my long term cooperation and relation to Attila Toth, founder of NOVITECH, j.s.c.

All projects presented here have been financed via HONORS, j.s.c. without any subsidies in any form.