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5th European Innovation Summit
Renewable energy sources


Transformation of the pension system

Transformation towards sustainable society means relation of individuality and society but also relation society and individuals to the nature. With Ľubo Ružek we have tried to formulate solutions for sustainable pension system in the years 1994 and 1995. The work was focused mainly on voluntary Pillar as supplement to mandatory social system. We came back to the topic of pension system late 1999. Different models with possible scenarios have been presented to minister Mr. Peter  Magvaši and his team of specialist from Ministry of labour, social affairs and family in January 2000. Since that event we continue our work for next three years. A consistent model of transformation pension system has been developed. The time has tested the principles and quality of our approach. The basic of the transformation Pay – as – you – go system into systems consists from Pillar I and Pillar to lies in proper distribution of functions between public finance and private sector. To some extend we have adopted ideas from organization of pension system in Canada.

The review of the work has been done in the year 2007 and 2009, respectively. The disclosed facts proved that our approach could be taken as realistic approach to the problem. Our view on the problem of social system has been published in Parlamentný kuriér 6/2009. In the year 2012 we formulate proposal to Prime Minister Mr. Robert Fico.


Existential dimension of the crisis

We have analyzed full set of markets since 1995. A broader view on the problem disclosed that crisis of 2008 on financial markets is just a peak of long time non recovery transformation process. Such transformations are accompanied with value change. We have identified two different problems. First one is well known climate change. The second one we have identified crisis of technology suitable to transform energy provided by nature to the form suitable for real time human economy processes. We believe that transformation to sustainable society based on renewable energies with the least possible cost is the answer to present economy problems. Eco technologies like nano, bio technologies and renewable technology will be driving force for the next few decades. The Centre on Economy of Renewable Energy and Distribution System has been formed in the year 2008 as Statutory Partnership Association in order to study economy rules of such transformation. Founders are:


Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

The Technical University of Košice,

University of Economics in Bratislava,

HONORS, a.s., Liptovský Mikuláš,


Registration No  : 355 78 165

Seat: Murgašova 3, 040 01 Košice.


Board of directors

1.       Dr.h.c. Prof. Ing. Anton Čižmár, PhD  

2.       Prof. Ing. František Janíček, PhD  

3.       Dr.h.c. Prof. Dipl. Ing. Rudolf Sivák, PhD

4.        Ing. Dušan Lukášik, PhD

The main interest has been focused to problems connected to transformation of energy market. Practical hands on experience have been acquired during long term transformation of the mid-size office building since 1996. Energy efficiency and transformation of the heat to renewable energy formed our opinion regarding technical and economy limits of such transformation. Social cost of carbon emissions has been identified as an economy vehicle suitable to form driving force for transformation towards renewable energy. Several studies has been done concerning transformation of the energy market during years 2006 to 2013.

Special attention has been paid to heat waves as consequence of the climate change. Physiology of human body has been studied. The main transport of energy between human body and environment has been matched with the micro capillary ceiling technology. Based on renewables this technology provides very pleasant solution to heat wave problems connected with as much as 33% rise of probability of human body collapse.

We have demonstrated that ecological means also economical in long term.